The first official visit of the students of the Department of Aquatic Bioresources to NARA

Understanding and appreciating the role of NARA in researching the aquatic bioresources of Sri Lanka

On 19th January 2023, the first-year students of the Department of Aquatic Bioresources, Faculty
of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources, visited the National Aquatic Resources Research and
Development Agency (NARA). This was their first official visit to NARA and the students got the
opportunity to experience aquatic research and development activities carried out at NARA and to
interact with experts in the field.
Dr. Prajani Heenatigala, Head/Inland Aquatic Resources and Aquaculture Division (IARAD) and
her staff and, Dr. WNC Priyadarshani, Acting Head/Fishing Technology Division, Mr. Thilanka
Herath, Scientist/Fishing Technology Division and their staff, conducted highly useful and
informative sessions for the students which added lot of value to their existing knowledge on the
subjects. Moreover, they could gain a lot of practical insights through the time spent at the
laboratories, recirculating aquaculture unit and etc.
The visit was a great success, providing the students with a hands-on learning experience and a
deeper understanding of timely research conducted by NARA. The students and the staff are
grateful for NARA for hosting them and for the valuable insights provided to the students. The
Department of Aquatic Bioresources is looking forward for continuing the academic and research
collaboration with NARA which will strengthen the links between academia and industry in the
field of Fisheries and Aquatic Bioresources.