Urban and Aquatic Bioresources Top Inventions (UABTI) – 2022

The Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources (FUAB) endeavours the success of its students and intend to inculcate essential skills of an undergraduate such as creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving. Following the mission of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura on developing globally competent citizens through education for a sustainable future, the Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources has launched the annual Invention and Innovation Awards in Bioresources (UABTI) which will be inaugurated in 2022.

This will be an annual competition honouring the excellence in the innovation of a new product, design concept or service by the undergraduates of the Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources, under the following themes.

  1. Zero Waste
  2. Agri-Tech
  3. Aqua-Tech
  4. Green Energy

The vision of UABTI is to guide the students of the faculty to successfully bring innovations to the scientific community and finally to the market.


Every year, the Invention and Innovation Awards in Bioresources (UABTI) will honour individuals who would bring a new product/invention, innovation, design/concept or service which would successfully showcase the talents of our undergraduates. The Faculty will recognize these undergraduates for their significant and lasting contributions to the world of innovation in the areas of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources.


The participants should be enrolled in a degree program with the Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources. Both the individual and teamwork proposals will be considered.

Expression of interest

Upon registration for the program, the participants will be requested to submit a brief explanation of the idea on their entry according to a given format. The applicants will be asked to complete and submit the project output within 6 months of duration.

Competition Entry Form (Closing on 31st May 2022)

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Evaluation/Selection criteria

The evaluation will be conducted in three consecutive rounds. The initial round will be evaluated by the internal staff members of the Faculty and the selected candidates will be invited to present their final product/concept or service through a presentation.

The final selection will be done through a thorough reviewing process conducted by experts from the government, industry and academia in the fields of science, technology, design, engineering and marketing including the staff members of the Faculty.

Announcement of Results

After reviewing all the applications, the evaluators will announce the results, and the applicants will be notified of the decisions. Finally, if the required quorum is obtained based on the judging criteria, the best inventions and innovations will be announced.

Receiving Awards

The winners and the runner ups will receive certificate awards issued by the Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. In addition, all participants who showcase their innovations/inventions in this competition will receive a certificate of participation.

Contact UABTI 2022 Coordinators

Dr. Udari Rathnathunga
Dr. Surani Chathurika