Academic Staff

Department of Urban Bioresources

Dr. J. A. Surani Chathurika

Dr. J. A. Surani Chathurika [BSc Agri. Tech. & Mgt. (Peradeniya), MSc (Peradeniya), PhD. (Peradeniya and Winnipeg, Canada), Postdoc (SLINTEC)]

Head, Department of Urban Bioresources

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

Specialized areas: Soil Science, Agronomy, Crop Science and Advanced fertilizer Technologies

Research Interest

Solving the current issues in soil science, agronomy and crop science by discovering new soil fertility improvement, Advanced fertilizer technologies, Green soil amendments, natural product based biostimulants, the advanced seed coating technologies and the effect of microplastics on soil and plant health and applications of advanced technologies in urban agriculture.

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Dr. Udari Uvindhya Rathnathunga [BSc (Hons) (UoR), PhD (UoR)]
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

Specialized areas: Plant sciences, breeding, genetics and biotechnology

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